Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to Foster's Custom Leather Saps

My name is Todd Foster and I have been making leather saps since 2004. I offer over 30 different models and that number is growing daily. A few of the models I offer are my model 31, which is a copy of a Jay Pee short slugger, model 741 which is a copy of the famous Bucheimer Texan.

I also offer Cosh or soft saps, which are shot filled.

I also offer Travel Saps, which use coins for the load. These are very popular in Europe.

This is some of the other models I offer.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or design ideas.


KnowledgeBorn said...

Hello & WOW!! I am a Mohawk Indian & "Clubs" are, ...well Its like those Sikhs with Their Knife, Heritage. My Grandfather Fought in WW2 (He was a Squad Commander of 5 British Tanks)When He left for England 2 go 2 War. His Father Gave Him His "Black-Jack" (it's Cylindrical so) His Father was a Security Guard 4 the CP Railway & Used This Over the Wooden Truncheon.
My Gramps Used His Jack, in Close quarter's, & *AFTER The War, in Germany as a M.P, He has Told Me MANY Tales about Saps. When I got Older I was Given ,His Heirloom. PPL will Read This & say Negative things, But THEY Have NEVER Been hit with a ASP!! (Which I H8, The PR-24'S I liked, 4 those reading thats a Tonfa is their real name) Law Dogs, especially the Younger Ones. Hear stories about the Ole Sap. From Time 2 Time I bring in a Few from My Collection Bucheimer's,Bianchi's QUALITY & I Get the "Oooo-Ahhhh...Can U Get me One" They R no-longer "issued" & I know in the States, They R Not Allowed. But the Funny thing is EVERY Pair of Pants that Police Wear, Have whats STILL Called a "Sap Pocket" though few, use it for that, usually Its a Knife thats in One (which 2 me is WORSE) , "Beaver-Tails" were allowed as they spread the force of the Impact, but You could Turn it so the Side was the striking Area, This was GREAT, As it "Sliced" Through Muscle *WITHOUT Breaking the Skin* now This sounds Cruel, but when U hav a Guy coming @ U with a Knife or,He's BIG & on Drugs, It's A LOT more Humane then the "Alternatives" that L.E PPL Sadly resort to ALL 2 Often. Due 2, Idiots this EXTREMELY Useful Tool was , Replaced & then finally "banned" 90% of the Time, Even NOW Just, letting the perp SEE the Black Leather Sap is Enough :P as The "Black-Jack" has a aura of Pain 2 most PPL. Saps have been done away with, & Now it's the EASILY Purchased by ANY1 "ASP" (99% Though it's some Cheap Copy, but still does the job) I had the displeasure of Being Hit in the Ribs with one, it Broke 5 Ribs & some skin. The ONLY Advantage ASP's hav R 2 things #1 it gives Un-confident PPL The "Reach" or Distance the feel they NEED, as they'll use a Taser/or Worse a Gun (these R the SAME TYPE of Idiot's that Made the Public think that Saps R 2 Dangerous) the 2nd thing is, the Old PR-24's , when U get into a Car, has the all 2 often affect of getting in the Way, so they R left in the S.C. Saps, R dangerous, *when used improperly, like hitting the Head (duh) but the Lead, or Buck Shot is A LOT more "forgiving" 2 those strikes that didn't land right. I AM VERY HAPPY 2 See QUALITY Saps (beaver-Tails) being Made, as ALL I Have seen & purchased is, OVERSEAS GARBAGE that R made out of Poor Material or in the case of "Spring Billies" VERY Dangerous 16oz of lead on a 500lb Spring, wrapped in 1 Layer of CHEAP 2-3grade Leather. seeing Yours , Makes mre say 2 things "YES!!, FINALLY SOMEONE ,Hasn't forgotten this "lost Art"... & ***2nd, WHEN CAN I BUY ONE, Who do I gotta Talk to, LOL I'm ALWAYS On the Look-out 4 Old Bucheimer's,Bianchi's & NEW *QUALITY* Saps, of ALL Type & I can see the Quality &, well Me want, many

kmag said...

How would I order?

KnowledgeBorn said...

Knowledge, would like to also Know , as well when/where, do I place a Order!! .
I'd like very much to chat/talk with you. On a More "personal" (not posted:) level. I'm in L.E & , well there's a lot more I'd like to discuss , such as.... You maybe using , some of the older Saps, as a way to Expand your Collection (& mine to;) & product line. I have actual *expired* LONG Ago "patents" that may be of Use to you. I do/did? have a VERY Good Leather worker. I'm in Canada & , well I'd like to Talk.
Thanks & B safe, best Regards,
P.S , My "Blogspace" is , of ....well Thought LOL

willem-rene said...

Hello Scott,

Do you have prices and pictures of blackjacks?

What are the costs for sending to the Netherlands?



W.R. Holtrigter
Okapistraat 29
1338JT Almere

Louie said...

How do i contact you to place an order? And what are your prices? do you have another site that shows all of your models? Thanks

I can be reached at slick1775 @

Alex said...

Hello Todd,

I was actually referred to you through "Modern Combative Systems", but I don't see a contact e-mail or anything. How do I place an order?


Alex in Seattle

simon said...

Hello Todd , I have been admiring your leatherwork and I must say you are very talented. I live in Australia and I would like to purchase a Travel Sap from you.My email is and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely Simon Cockrum.

Mr. Karmin said...
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Dustoff Doc said...

I'd like to order a Sap how do I place an order.

Gina said...

I'm interested in placing an order. Please contact me at What are your prices for a palm sap?

Shang Chi said...
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TW said...


I'm very interested in your product line. How may I get more information?


Tawsemaker said...

Hi Todd

Do you have a website that allows customers to view your complete range, and place orders?

Many thanks


luckychin said...

Dear Mr. Foster

I have purchased your products in the past for my collection. I am not sure how to contact you except through this means since there is no "contact us" option on your web page. I am interested in knowing more about your travel sap.

Best regards,
A Gebhard

Alex said...

How have you been?
This is Alex (aka Relic on TPI forums)..I don't know if you remember me...We spoke a couple of times last year.
Anyhow, back then I ended up ordering a "jack" from Scott, but now I'd like to order a coin sap from you. Please let me know what you have available at the moment and send me some pics if you can.
Be safe,
I hope to hear from you soon,

Tutweiler said...


I would like to order roughly ten custom saps. Please let me know how best to contact you and provide specifications. The pictures clearly show the quality of your work - I look forward to purchasing numerous units.

Please contact me at

Thank you

Slim said...

Looking to order. Maybe the 211 but a little heavier. Please contact me a if you have a minute

gregusus said...

Scott Foster,
Hi, I'm interested in ordering a blackjack. I don't know if you have a website that I can order through.

if you do...let me know at:

ani nil carborundum said...

I am in New Zealand. I collect saps and jacks. Can I order from you?
My email is

Dave said...

Hi Scott,
Can you please send me an e-mail detailing where I can buy your saps and view your range,@

andrew said...

Hello Todd, nice work could you email me some contact info.

vallonia said...

Hi Todd.
Really nice work your saps are things of beauty.
I wish to order a coin sap from you and and I am having difficulty finding your site to order from.
Could you email me please.
Thank you
Kind regards . Tony.

Hans said...


I am interested in purchasing a travel sap as well as something a little more traditional. I can be contacted at

Thank you,


Hyam said...

I am very interested in placing an order as I cant usually help myself if you could please contact me and let me know how to I would greatly appreciate it.Also I was hoping you had a more extensive catalog or product listing that maybe im just unable to find. Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

I am interested in purchasing a coin sap. How do I go about this? Thanks, Nathan

Unknown said...

Forgot to sign in. Thanks, Nathan

Gordo said...

Hi Todd can you get in touch for an order?

Unknown said...

Please contact me at as I would like to place an order.

Andrew said...

please contact regarding your catalog and prices. Great stuff. Thanks! labazro @ yahoo .com

will bradbury said...

Mr. Foster,

I would like to order one of your saps, how can I place an order? Thanks, Will

My email is:

Steve said...

Hi Todd,I'd like to order a address is

doc said...

could you send some prices and info for your saps to

abajc147 said...

Hello Todd! Fine workmanship! Can you send me a product/price list via email? Thanks!

Jeff Smith said...

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Joaquin Borromeo said...

I'd love to order the coin sap. How do I place an order? Please email me at Thanks.

Unknown said...


I am a return customer interested in placing another order. My contact is :


Al Gebhard

SSG said...

I'd like to place an order but I can't find your contact into. Can you email me your info?

Forrest said...

Todd Foster, is an ARTIST. His Quaity, Crafstmanship, Construction, are Extra ordinary. As a Collector, and Carry I Highly reccommend his Leather Imaact weapons for Carry, and Collect.

Tony Potts said...


I would like to get additional information regarding your full product line and would also like to know how to go about ordering. Please contact me @ with information regarding these matters at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Justin said...

Hello Todd,
Im fully interested in purchasing a sap. Please contact me at in regards to your range of products and prices. Regards - Justin

Unknown said...

Hi Todd,

I'd be interested in purchasing info on your saps and black jacks.

Steve Scott

Unknown said...

Hi Todd,

I'd be interested in purchasing info on your saps and black jacks.

Steve Scott

John Kroening said...

Hello Todd-
True craftsmanship -
Can you contact me regarding purchase options & price?

Kind regards,

Robert Buzza said...

Todd foster is a very skilled leather designer who does great work no question anyone looking for skilled work at a good price todd's the man.

Joe Clark said...

Todd, can you contact me in regards to your products. I am interested in you coshes, club shaped sap, and the saps with the squarish heads. I already own a Boston 4 ply 9" Denver and a D3 Protection 11" Denver with a fatty head and S&W strap and brass clip. Tanks.

mike mcarthur said...

Hi Todd, hit me up so I can ask a few questions regarding your products. Very pleased.

Jacob Soares said...

Hey scott,
Im interested in purchasing a blackjack like the one you made in this picture
you can reach me at
thank you

Kosta Laous said...

hi todd,
i am interested in purchasing a midget sap. how do i place an order?

durantre said...
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Pat Flynn said...

I'm interested in purchasing some of your work- looks great. Thanks

Carl Mumpower said...

The Foster brothers are gentleman. Helpful, courteous, and clearly dedicated to providing a quality product. Carl M. Asheville, NC

Simon Cockrum said...

Hello Todd I'm totally impressed with your range and styles of saps . My names Simon and I live in Australia . I'm interested in purchasing an 8 or 9 inch sap off of you. My email is , I would appreciate a holla . Keep up the good work and the excellent workmanship mate .

Green Man Leather said...

hello im steve and want to order a finger sap. what is the diameter size and thickness? does it stick out a lot while in your pocket? please email me directly
thanks for your time!

h.k seal said...

hi todd
how can I place an order?
could you send some prices and info for your saps to

Jerry Yarbrough said...

Mr. Foster.
I am interested in your product line and would like to purchase a lead filled slap. I particularly like the look of the more curved style. Tennessee has recently changed some of the self defense laws, and as a former LEO I am allowed to legally carry impact weapons for self defense. While I do carry a .45 I would like the option. Can be contacted at Thanks Jerry.

velodemon said...

I'd love to purchase a coin sap from you. How should I proceed? Thanks! Jim

Richard Ormandy said...

Received the Black Mamba today.... very nice, excellent workmanship.
Thank you very much.

Builder2017 said...

Hey mate I would love to purchase a sap leather case. Would you ship to nz. Could you email me at

Unknown said...

order said...

I'm looking for an 11' sap with no spring steel, just leather and a 12 oz weight in the end. Let me know if you can make it and the price.

Kevin @